To their members:

Technical and scientific support;

Professional Training;

Information events and dissemination of new products and technical solutions;

Publishing and distribution of publications and technical specifications;

Advice on engineering projects;

Technical Certification of projects;

Auditing and Certification facilities (Technical Compliance);

Water Efficiency Certification of Products;

Participation in Technical Committees;

Technical and sanitary certification Systems of Utilization of rainwater;

Technical and sanitary certification of systems of greywater reuse.


To contractors / promoters:

ANQIP certification of plumbing and/or sanitation facilities (buildings under construction);

Certification of Water Efficiency for New Buildings;

Quality Audits (existing facilities);

Water Efficiency Audits (existing buildings);

Professional certification of plumbers;

Technical and sanitary certification of systems of rainwater harvesting;

Technical and sanitary certification of systems of greywater reuse.


To the technicians of the sector:

Training and Information;

Provision of technical specifications and other publications;

Elaboration of technical and scientific advice;

Participation and Technical Commissions.


Citizens in general:

Audits on existing facilities;

Certification of facilities in the acquisition of housing;

Water Efficiency Audits;

Water Efficiency Certification and labelling of products;

Events for debate and dissemination of new solutions, new legislation, etc.;

Catalogue of certified products.