The building installations are a key element for the quality and sustainability in buildings, in particular with respect to the use of resources like water and anergy. However, the technological development and scientific research at the level of some of the building installations in Portugal, such as water supply and drainage or the green roofs, as well as its connection to the real context have a lack of incentives and effective measures for its promotion. Is the resolution of these issues of quality and efficiency in buildings that make relevant the existence of ANQIP, association of unique characteristics in the sector.



To achieve its objectives, the ANQIP:
- Promotes or supports the implementation of technical studies and / or scientific at national and international level, establishing the link between universities and enterprises in the sector;
- Promotes training for technicians, installers and other actors;
- Edit technical specifications and other publications to support the sector (design and construction);
- Promotes seminars and other events of scientific and technical nature;
- Disseminate studies, standards and regulations, national and international;

- Participates in the grafting and revision of national legislation and regulation of the sector;

- Create certification systems for use of its members and other stakeholders (in particular in the field of the water efficiency);
- Performs quality and / or water efficiency audits to existing installations or under construction;

- Gives guidance on projects and works, when request to do so.