ANQIP, Associação Nacional para a Qualidade nas Instalações Prediais

About Us

ANQIP is a non-profit technical-scientific civil society association whose general aims are to promote and guarantee quality and efficiency in building installations, with particular emphasis on the building water cycle and sustainability issues.


Building installations are one of the main sources of problems in buildings, even in recent constructions. For example, water distribution and sewage drainage account for more than 50 per cent of the problems detected in buildings. Errors in these installations usually result in significant discomfort factors, reduced durability and damp problems, requiring interventions that are generally costly and inconvenient.

Water efficiency issues are also becoming increasingly important in Portugal as a matter of environmental awareness in our country, given that inefficiencies in the use of water exceed 240 million m3/year (with an economic value of close to 400 million euros/year), according to the National Programme for the Efficient Use of Water.

It is the resolution of these quality and efficiency issues in the building water cycle that make the existence of ANQIP, the sector's only association, so important.


In order to achieve its objectives, ANQIP:

-Promotes or supports the realisation of technical and/or scientific studies at national and international level, establishing links between universities and companies in the sector;

-Promotes training courses for technicians, installers and other stakeholders, under special conditions for its members;

-Publishes technical specifications and other publications to support the sector (design and construction);

-Promotes seminars, colloquia and other events of a technical and/or scientific nature;

-Publishes recent national and international studies, standards and regulations;

-Participates in drawing up and revising national regulations and legislation for the sector;

-Creates specific certification systems for use by its members and other interested organisations (especially in the field of water efficiency);

-Carries out quality and/or water efficiency audits on existing installations or those under construction, at external request;

-Gives guidance on projects and works, when requested to do so.

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AdRA - Águas da Região de Aveiro



Prof. Doutor Armando Silva Afonso


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